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About Border Collies

    Border Collies are an alert, intelligent and active breed of dog.  They were originally bred to herd sheep, often working long hours in rough terrain and having to make decisions without the help of their owner.  Today, Border Collies still retain their herding abilities and are used as working dogs on farms globally.  They are extremely adaptable dogs and can make great companions and performance dogs.  Border Collies excel in both obedience and agility and are popular dogs to compete with.

    Healthy Border Collies need a lot of physical and mental exercise in order to stay happy.  Border Collies love to chase balls, catch Frisbees, go for jogs in parks, learn new tricks and play outside in their backyards.  Border Collies are extremely focused and can chase a ball for hours on end without slowing down.  At the same time though, Border Collies are content lying at their owner’s feet while their owner reads a book or watches TV. 

    The Border Collie is said to be one of the most intelligent breeds of dog.  A Border Collie only needs to be shown how to do something a couple of times before it has the new command or activity mastered.  Border Collies therefore excel at all they do.  Because of their high intelligence and activity levels, Border Collies must have a job.  This job can be anything from performing tricks and chasing balls to competing in herding or obedience trials.  A Border Collie that has not been given a job and enough direction will invent their own “games.”  These “games” may include digging, chewing, and chasing anything that moves, including young children and cars.  As long as a Border Collie is given direction, physical and mental exercise they can make great family pets and companions.

    From our own experience, Border Collies from the imported conformation lines tend to be calmer and more people oriented than many working/high prey drive lines.  Many people who meet our dogs are impressed that they are friendly, not afraid of new surroundings and calmly sit by our sides.  There are of course exceptions to this statement and it is important to understand the temperaments of a puppy’s parents before deciding to buy a puppy.  It is also essential to check that both parents and puppies have passed the needed health clearances.

    Before purchasing a Border Collie it is extremely important to analyze your lifestyle to make sure that a Border Collie is right for you.  Figure out the amount of time you are able to devote to your puppy and what activities you are interested in.  Tell the breeder what you are looking for and they will be able to match you with the best-suited puppy.

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